Growing up, I dreamed of becoming an actor. My first-ever audition was for the title role in the children’s play, Heidi. Despite my blonde braids and fresh-faced optimism, I was cast instead as the Goat/Narrator. It was my job to tell the story.


Telling Stories

Over the next few decades, I told thousands of stories while working all over the U.S. as a professional actor, director and writer.

I’ve served on the faculty at Mount Holyoke College, chaired its Department of Theatre Arts, and I was featured as one of the “Best 300 Professors” by The Princeton Review. I am currently the Associate in Public Speaking at Amherst College, where I coach their annual TEDx event and help faculty, staff, and students become excellent presenters. I’m well known in Massachusetts for my work as Artistic Director for the Pioneer Valley Summer Theatre, producing 55 shows during five summer seasons. That’s a lot of stories.

Recently, I finished the manuscript for my first memoir, The Before and After Girl, a hilarious true story of how I won my life back by becoming one of the biggest winners of cash and prizes on Wheel of Fortune. Now, I spend most of my time as a presentation consultant, my true calling.


Helping You Tell Your Story

I believe that everyone has the potential to be a powerful speaker. By learning and practicing skills that actors use to relax, focus, and connect with an audience, my speakers become dynamic, engaging, authentic presenters. I’ve worked with college presidents and Fortune 500 leaders, entrepreneurs and animal communicators, data scientists, prisoners, priests, and a mother of eight. In short, my method works for anyone who has ever struggled with getting their voice out into the world. I am honored to work with people who are afraid to speak.

I’ve gone from telling Heidi’s story to telling my own.

I can’t wait to help you tell yours!