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Susan Daniels

Writer. Actor. Speaker

Meet Susan

I’m an award-winning teacher, actor and director. I’ve worked all over the country with all sorts of people. I’ve even been on Wheel of Fortune! Using my unique background and experience as an educator and theatre professional, I help others become more comfortable, confident and compelling presenters.

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I am a story-miner; my job is to help you uncover and bring to light the story you want to tell. I share skills and stories to help you become more relaxed, confident, and engaged. When you’ve reached your goal, I’ll be the first to jump to a standing ovation.


IngenioUs Podcast: Leadership Presence

Last week I appeared on the inspiring and educational podcast, IngenioUs!  I joined Melissa Morris-Olson in a conversation about Leadership Presence, why it matters and how to strengthen yours.

“Just Relax and Be Yourself!”

I had a light bulb moment about 10 years ago when I was teaching a college course titled: Acting I. Typically, on the first day of class, I asked my students why they’d registered for the course [...]

  • Working with Susan has changed my life - accepting a Hall of Fame Honor recently gave me even more of a glimpse into her mastery of coaching people to success. Her approach is thorough, her commitment to her clients is exceptional, and her attention to the little things that matter when up on stage is unmatched. A tribute to Susan is that after my HOF speech, a member of the audience found me and shared that she felt “I was talking directly to her throughout my speech”…. with a few hundred others in the room. Susan will guide you, challenge you, and get you over any hurdles you may encounter when speaking in front of others! I feel so much more confident having worked with her.

    Chris Paradis Women’s Lacrosse Coach. Hall of Fame inductee
  • Susan coached me for my TEDx talk and was instrumental in making it a success. Her involvement began at the early stages where she helped me refine a script and a story, and continued for many months, rehearsal after rehearsal, as she provided feedback on my delivery and presentation. Throughout the process, Susan was invested, honest, and professional. She brought the best out of me. It isn't just that her public speaking and coaching skills are exceptional — they are. It's that she can apply them to make an individual speaker successful. I highly recommend Susan!

    Harith Khawaja Stanford Law School
  • If you’re ready to take the stage and are looking for a guide who sees your potential and knows how to help you bring it to life and out to an audience, then Susan is your coach. In our sessions, Susan showed me how to focus and express my authentic self, so my audience will love and value what I have to share. And it worked! Since my first talk at an internationally attended conference in 2015, I have been invited to speak at many conferences, including TEDx! Susan’s kind support, expertise and her unwavering believe in my unique message gave me courage and showed me how to enjoy the thrill of stepping onto a stage—how to move and inspire an audience. I am so grateful for Susan’s talent and wisdom; I now have her on speed dial whenever I need a tune-up.

    Nicole Birkholzer Author, Speaker, Educator
  • Susan brings enthusiasm and unmatched expertise to her work. She created custom workshops for my team to improve their presentations skills; not only did we learn a lot within the fun and supportive environment she created, but we’ve since observed a sea change in the confidence and quality of our teams’ presentations and public speaking skills. I am so grateful to Susan for sharing her gifts with my team; working with her is an absolute joy!

    Christine Pfeil Director, Data Science Development Program, MassMutual Financial Group
  • Susan’s passion radiates through her work. She is optimistic, outgoing and pushes you to become not only the best presenter you can be, but also the best human being. I brought two key traits to our work together: vulnerability and a willing to learn and grow and wow, did that pay off!

    Talya Bar LCSW and mother of 8 children
  • Susan was a defining factor in my securing a winning spot in a national competition. I came to her with a fear of public speaking, only to find our time together focused on drawing out the story behind my business and my strengths as a woman. The way she works is incredible. My concerns about public speaking were addressed, but there was so much more. What Susan really taught me is what I have to offer and how to show it. It was transformational work that will have lasting effects. Susan is exceptionally smart and cares deeply about who you are as a person. I highly recommend her skills!

    Sarah Bingham Artist. Founder, Ritual Glaze Co.
  • When I am helping a student prepare for a high-stakes fellowship interview, I always call upon Susan! What I (and they) love about her approach is that she tailors her advice to the individual, bringing out their best, most authentic self. Whether they need to gain more control over their answers, project a more assertive persona, or establish a better rapport with their interviewers, she knows how to get them there. They leave the session with confidence, and with concrete ways to carry that confidence into the interview and beyond.

    Christine Overstreet Director of Fellowships, Amherst College
  • How grateful was I to experience Susan Daniels’ inaugural “Speak Up!” class for staff at Amherst College? So grateful that I sat down and wrote a thank you note to the college’s human resources department for having sponsored it. A few months later, when my two colleagues and I were getting ready to present at a professional conference, Susan generously agreed to help us prepare. Our topic couldn’t have been drier. Yet, with Susan’s insightful coaching, we made the presentation impactful and fun. In fact, it turned out so well that we were invited to come back and present again the following year. That never would have happened without Susan in our corner. My only regret about learning public speaking from Susan is that I didn’t get to do it earlier in my career. As a teacher and storyteller, Susan Daniels is magic. I would recommend her trainings to everyone.

    Mary Elizabeth Strunk Associate Director of the Grants Office, Amherst College
  • I speak regularly for public and corporate audiences across the country, and frankly I receive many accolades about my public speaking ability. I also recognize that everyone can improve with feedback. I sent Susan a link to watch one of my talks online prior to our meeting. She arrived with multiple pages of notes and carefully—in a very positive and constructive way—detailed what I was already doing well, but also very specifically what I could, in fact, be doing better. Susan’s advice was right on in terms of bringing my talks to an entirely new level. I worked hard to incorporate her feedback and it has clearly made a difference.

    Catherine A. Sanderson Maxwell Family Professor of Life Sciences (Psychology), Amherst College
  • I called upon Susan for her professional expertise after I received an award and discovered I would have to address a group of educational professionals. I was so nervous I felt paralyzed! Susan guided me through the whole process, from defining my purpose to structuring the speech to rehearsing effectively and learning relaxation skills. I gave the speech and received overwhelmingly positive feedback…including a standing ovation! Susan manages to take the often-dreaded task of public speaking and turn it into and entertaining, informative journey. I am confident that she has the ability to transform even the most fearful, shy people into confident, engaging speakers.

    Amanda Wright International Education Professional

Let's Do This!

I will coach you positively, with honest, constructive feedback. I will motivate you by recognizing your strengths and suggesting areas for improvement. I promise that when you approach our work together with curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to practice, you will see astonishing results.